Favorite Sister Story

   She's been working in the kitchen since she was old enough to hold a wooden spoon.  She began her baking training on those long winter days in Northern Minnesota, first as her Mother's 'helper' and later by her Mother's side.  

   After college, throughout her business career 'Up North' as well as 'Down South' (Dallas, TX), she always seemed to be baking something to share with her office colleagues.  

   She was once asked 'Why do you bake so much?' The truthful reply was 'It brings me back to my roots, it relieves stress, it grounds me.' 

   Now, after retiring from the business world, the obvious choice for 'what to do next' is BAKE !  Thus the Favorite Sister Bakery began.  

   We invite you to share in the Favorite Sister Bakery story.  Let us 'bring the party to you' with a Cookie Decorating Party!  

Oh, and the name 'Favorite Sister'... because she is (and always will be) the 

Favorite Sister in the family.   ;- )  

* OK, the Only Sister if your going to be technical about it... 

Due to the Texas Cottage Food Industry Laws, we are UNABLE TO SHIP our Products.  

We offer Pickup & Delivery.     We look forward to meeting you !  

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