Our Cookie Decorating Parties begin in our Texas Cottage Industry Kitchen using Mom's Sugar Cookie Recipe.  We mix up the dough a small batch at a time. 

   Once the cookie dough is thoroughly chilled we begin production.  Rolling out the cookie dough with Grandma's wooden rolling pin* and cutting out each cookie by hand, one-by-one, is part of the care that goes into each and every cookie. We know you will love our Family Recipe Cookies as much as we do! 

   The cookies are baked in our new Samsung Flex Duo oven. (we can't do everything the old way) We then cool them and pack them up for your party.  

   Our Quick Drying Royal Icing is handmade for you in our Kitchen as well.  It begins as a very white Icing and we will custom tint each batch to your choice of vibrant colors. 

Here is some of the recent baking & decorating we've been testing in our Kitchen.  Just think how much FUN your   Office Team  /  Girlfriends /  Kids  /  Shower Guests  /  Everyone... will have !!! 

Due to the Texas Cottage Food Industry Laws, we are UNABLE TO SHIP our Products.  

We offer Pickup & Delivery.     We look forward to meeting you !  


 * OK, so it's not really Grandma's rolling pin, but I'm sure she probably had one just like it back in the day...  

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